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Charmed: 10 reasons why it’s still awesome

Charmed mega-fan Dan Taylor on why the show still rocks...

Whenever I say to someone that I am a Charmed fan, I usually get a bemused look and snort followed by something along the lines of: “What, that show about three chicks with magical powers?!” To which my response is usually something like: “Yes, I do mean that show about three kick ass sisters with super cool magical powers! What of it?”

I appreciate it’s probably not cool to admit that you not only religiously watched the WB series on a weekly basis throughout the shows run but you’re also somewhat of a super fan. It certainly didn’t win me many friends at school! But as we mark nineteen years since the show’s premiere and now I’m old enough to no longer care what people think, I can proudly scream my love for Charmed from the rooftops of the Halliwell Manor!

So here are ten reasons why Charmed is still awesome, after all this time…

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