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Charmed: 10 reasons why it’s still awesome

Charmed mega-fan Dan Taylor on why the show still rocks...

Prue’s Death

While the exit of one of your leading actors can often spell an end to a TV Show, the axing of Shannen Doherty in Season Three did little to no harm to the show at all. Charmed battled on with Piper and Phoebe discovering the existence of a half sister who help reunite the Power of Three and continue the good fight. Prue’s death also brought about some of the finest episodes in the shows run starting with her exit directed by Doherty herself.

Season Three finale “All Hell Breaks Loose” was a rollercoaster of an episode which ended on a jaw dropping cliffhanger and while it’s quite common now for shows to end a season so abruptly, back in the early 2000’s it was almost unheard of. The following season also brought about some of the best performances from Holly Marie Combs who played middle sister Piper who struggled to move on from her sister’s death and accept her role as the eldest sister.

Losing Prue back in 1998 seemed unthinkable but considering Rose McGowan who played half sister Paige racked up 46 more episodes than Doherty, some would actually predict that the drastic change gave the show extra longevity.

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