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Charmed: 10 reasons why it’s still awesome

Charmed mega-fan Dan Taylor on why the show still rocks...


Piper’s club, P3, became a central hub after its introduction during Season Two and many an episode was closed with the sisters enjoying a performance from a guest artist. The Cranberries, Barenaked Ladies, Goo Goo Girls, Michelle Branch and four-time Grammy Award winner Pat Benatar all performed on the show. Often the acts themselves would make cameo performances during the episodes such as when Pat Benatar and husband Neil Giraldo popped up at the Manor and asked to borrow their phone after their car had broken down.

The club itself also tied fantastically into a number of storyline particularly for owner Piper but also served as a brilliant location for episodes such as “Centennial Charmed” to show how in an alternate reality the world had fallen into ruin after the Power of Three was broken by Paige’s death.

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