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Charmed: 10 reasons why it’s still awesome

Charmed mega-fan Dan Taylor on why the show still rocks...

The Grimlocks

We first meet the Grimlocks in the Season One episode “Out of Sight”, written by Tony Blake and Paul Jackson, and the duo were two of the shows first (and probably most) truly terrifying villains. Creeping around the sewers and spying out of drainage systems like Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the Grimlocks would kidnap and steal the eye sight of young children in order to see the auras of beings of good, who they’d then telekinetically choke to death.

The bald headed and red eyed demons somewhat resembled Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars series but were considerably more aloof and menaced through silence and their spine chilling stare. The original gruesome twosome were seen again in Season Three as they returned to enact their revenge on the sisters in “All Halliwell’s Eve”.

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