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Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Who’s Who in Season 1?

Amy Walker breaks down Who's Who in Power Rangers Ninja Steel...

Preston Tien / Blue Ninja Steel Ranger (Peter Sudarso)

The son of a wealthy businessman in Summer Cove, Preston recently lost his mother. Kindhearted and loyal to his friends, Preston loves magic and to entertain people.

Since obtaining his Ranger powers from the Ninja Nexus Prism he has also developed the ability to perform real magic, though only to help others.

Hayley Foster / White Ninja Steel Ranger (Zoe Robins)

Hayley is an adventurous young woman who loves the outdoors and nature, something that is reflected in her love of nature.

Hayley has a pet siberian husky called Kody, and is in a relationship with Calvin, the Yellow Ranger.

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