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Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Who’s Who in Season 1?

Amy Walker breaks down Who's Who in Power Rangers Ninja Steel...

Calvin Maxwell / Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger (Nico Greetham)

Calvin is the team mechanic, having created the Mega Morph Cycles. Despite being afraid to drive thanks to an accident in his youth, Calvin eventually overcame his fear.

Calvin is in a relationship with Hayley, the White Ranger; the two of them being the first Rangers to be in a relationship before receiving their powers.

Levi Weston / Aiden Romero / Gold Ninja Steel Ranger (Jordi Webber)

Levi Weston joined the Ninja Steel Rangers later than the rest of the team, having been captured by the villain Madame Odius upon receiving his powers. A famous country singer, however, he cancelled his world tour and enrolled in Summer Cove High to be with the Rangers and help them with their mission.

Some time after joining the team, the Rangers learnt that Madam Odius had actually tampered with Levi’s memories, and that he was in fact Aiden, Brody’s brother. Having hidden the Ninja Steel and gone into hiding under the identity of Levi, Aiden now serves alongside his brother as a Ranger.

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