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Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Who’s Who in Season 1?

Amy Walker breaks down Who's Who in Power Rangers Ninja Steel...

Mick Kanic (Kelson Henderson)

A shapeshifting alien on board Galvanax’s ship, Mick made friends with the young Brody and took care of his, raising him to the young man he is today.

Escaping to Earth with Brody and Redbot, Mick now poses as a shop teacher at Summer Cove High, where he assists the Rangers and forges new Ninja Stars for the Rangers, unlocking new powers and abilities for the team.

Redbot (the voice of Byron Coll)

Redbot is Brody’s friend from the Warrior Dome, Redbot fled to Earth with Brody and Mick.

Living at the Ranger’s secret base, he lends moral support to the team and has become a close and valuable friend to the Rangers.

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