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Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Who’s Who in Season 1?

Amy Walker breaks down Who's Who in Power Rangers Ninja Steel...

Ripcon (the voice of Campbell Cooley)

The second in command to Galvanax, Ripcon was the monster that took Brody prisoner ten years ago, and has been tormenting the young man ever since. After Brody fled the Warrior Dome and became a Power Ranger the animosity between the two grew, with the pair engaging in several duels.

Ripcon was eventually defeated by the Rangers when they combined their two Mega-Zords.


Cosmo Royale (the voice of Campbell Cooley)

The host of Galaxy Warriors, Cosom Royale is responsible for sending monsters after the Rangers, and for making the monsters grow to huge proportions using the gigantification ray.

Cosmo appears to care little about beating the Rangers or obtaining the Ninja Nexus Prism and their powers, but rather on getting good ratings.

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