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Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Who’s Who in Season 1?

Amy Walker breaks down Who's Who in Power Rangers Ninja Steel...

Princess Viera (Ruby Love)

A member of the royal family of the Lion Galaxy, Viera travelled to Earth to challenge the Rangers to prove her strength. Upon learning that the Rangers were in fact heroes Viera learnt that kindness is more powerful than strength.

Now an ally of the Rangers, she lends her ship to them to become the massive Lion Fire Zord.

Dane Romero (Mike Edward)

Brody and Aiden’s father, Dane is the world’s greatest ninja. When the Ninja Nexus Prism landed outside his home he managed to unlock its abilities and became the first Red Ninja Steel Ranger.

When Galvanax arrived to take the Ninja Nexus Prism and claim its powers Dane battled the villain, preventing him from taking the power, but was lost in the process. His whereabouts, and what happened to him is currently unknown.

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